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ARTIST | selwyn senatori

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Selwyn Senatori is a popular Dutch/Italian Neo-pop Artist. He paints about the inspiring things in life: La Dolce Vita. This means good food and wine, Italy, music, movies, women and design. With his colorful paintings he tells the story of his Italian background. His unique and modern style is a big international success. Because of the variety in clients and the many exhibitions his work is very versatile. He mainly works with acrylic paint on linen but he also uses chalk, pencils and spray cans. He has a big studio in the city centre of Amsterdam where people have the opportunity to take a look at his work.

Throughout the years he has done many big and interesting projects. From painting in the ‘Rijksmuseum Amsterdam’: the museum with the biggest masterpieces of the Golden Age to painting live on popular TV shows, as well as TV shows abroad. He has produced a silkscreen for Mercedes-Benz for which Christina Aquilera did the campaign. He made spread-page drawings for Playboy Magazine. He has done shows in Moscow, Paris, Oslo, Milan and New York City and his art is found in many more places such as Mexico City and Ibiza. He is represented by a high-end gallery on the upper east side of NYC.

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